1. Q: Must I have a partner to do ballroom dancing? A: It is not necessary to have a dance partner to enroll in any of our dance classes. Most participants join our classes without a partner and they learn to dance with different partners in our classes. We have a system of rotating between the lead (gentlemen) and the follow (ladies) throughout the each session, so students can learn to dance with different people to improve their connection.
    Can I join without a partner?
  2. Q: Do you have a class for ladies only? A: Yes. Every Monday night at 7.30PM and Sunday afternoon at 2pm, we have two dance classes dedicated to only ladies. Each 8-week course will cover a different dance and ladies can learn latin dances of various styles focusing on routines and technique for ladies' dance movements. We also have all ladies classes on Thursday mornings at 11am and 12pm.
    Solo Ladies Classes?


  1. Q: Is it possible to drop in on any group class without paying for the full 8-week course? A: For students who are not sure of which class to take, drop ins are possible at SGD 25/class for all classes from BEGINNER to ADVANCED levels, and SGD 30/class for the TECHNIQUE classes for existing students. As we do not have registration fee, new students who wish to drop in for a trial class can do so for SGD 30/class at any level. Should you decide to take up the full course at the end of the class, the paid amount can be used to offset the full course fees.
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  2. Any other questions not answered here? Please feel free to drop us a message at +65 96171175 or
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